Fashion Collage: Styles

Social media is flooded with fashion collages, especially those that are shared on photo-sharing sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. You can search these sites to find any fashion collage that suits your style preferences, such as orange sweaters or mod monochromatic or hypebeast streetwear. But they are more than just creating an outfit of the day.

Fashion collage are not just about clothing. They are also about fashion inspiration, gathering the visuals that inspire you, and creating compelling visuals to communicate your ideas. PicMonkey is your digital tailor, atelier assistant and here to help you create a stunning fashion collage. PicMonkey has tips on how to create five of the most popular styles.

Fashion collage surreal: Layer on the dreamlike layers

Think of Salvador Dali’s melting clocks, Magritte’s self portrait, and your strange recurring dream about the elephant ballet. It’s hard to see objects in their context without forcing the viewer to reevaluate their assumptions. This is why surrealist artists tried to bring together the absurdity of imagination and the reality of the lucid universe–to disturb, but in a positive way. Fashion collage is about shifting perspective in order to stimulate the imagination.

  • PicMonkey allows you to create a surreal fashion collage.
  • To remove all of the background, crop your photo with the Image palette.

Textures can be used to create a wow factor. Select a graphic from your canvas, such as the basic oval shape. Next, go to the Textures tab (the woven-diamond icon) and choose Gradient (or any other option you prefer). Apply and adjust.

Try our photo-realistic graphics such as Paint Strokes (find them under the Design category). Layer the photo-real elements over illustrated floral graphics or paint graphics.

Fashion Colleges Design: Fashion Inspiration

You will likely encounter assignments for Fashion Colleges Design classes if you are on the path to a career in fashion.

Image collages can be used in any industry, from inspiration boards and mood boards to more professional presentation boards.

In a very basic sense fashion design colleges can help a designer to organize his or her ideas for a project, and then communicate those ideas to clients or teachers. Collagen can be used in fashion design to help with the presentation of final products.

Let’s look at some of the most popular collage types.

  • Inspiration boards or mood boards: This stage allows you to combine photographs, color or fabric swatches with magazine clippings or sketches. The collage will present a general theme for the project. Mood boards can spark creativity, encourage dialogue, clarify your thoughts about a project, and even lead you to more ideas.
  • Presentation boards: These are carefully laid out collages. They can be used to sell a trend, a selection of garments, or even a set swatches of fabric to clients. If you’re a student, they can convince your teacher that you can present a professional-looking proposal. Presentation boards are often designed with precise technical specifications to ensure the best layout, clarity and proportion.

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