Reach “Fashion Studio” Subscription

Reach Fashion Studio is multipurpose software that can be used for fashion design, sales and sampling, as well as textile printing departments. Reach Fashion Studio is packed with features. It allows 3D product visualization, texture map, color reduction, cleaning, design and repetition, and color communication using REACH or Spec. Creation

Fashion Studio Features

  • 3D Product Visualization
  • Texture Mapping
  • Color Reduction
  • Different Colors
  • Color Communication
  • Design & Repeat
  • Fabric Design
  • Spec. Creation

Fashion Studio Design Benefits

  • Productivity and creativity are increased.
  • Design cycle time is significantly reduced.
  • You can manage your style and minimize communication and production issues.
  • You can create color and colorways. You can also create your own CMYK and RGB color libraries. You can mix colors from any of the user-defined color libraries within your design, or import from embedded color libraries (i.e. REACH.
  • Assign colors automatically from the color libraries to the design. Then, add them to the file variation Library where all the different color ways are kept.
  • Quickly and easily create drafts from the initial sketch through the necessary revisions to the final style adopted. This includes the creation of storyboard presentations.
  • Texture mapping: Digitally represents the surface as a three-dimensional object using texture mapping. Three-dimensional properties are used to encode color, brightness, and texture. These include how transparent or reflective an object is. This can be used to create a sketch or a photograph.
  • Increase internal communication between creation, production, and commercialization without the use of the samples made in the production machines.
  • Simulators can optimize the creation and production processes, which has clear benefits.
  • The ability to save items to libraries reduces the need for you to do it again later.
  • There are many effects that can be achieved, including creating shadows at the edges of the surface and natural wrinkle creation.

Sales & Marketing

  • Avoid the high costs of developing prototypes and preparing catalogues.
  • It is possible to reduce the time taken for creating prototypes and catalogs.
  • Clients can present the product in many styles. All in 3D, life-like view to enhance professionalism and highlight key features.
  • You can send a presentation in seconds and have it delivered anywhere in the world within minutes.
  • The simulation system simulates the fabric to show it in its fashion studio natural setting.
  • You can create a virtual catalog with thousands of ideas without needing to spend on fabrics or the development of prototypes and models.


  • Limit the use of colors and reduce the number of colors that must be separated from the print frames.
  • In printed fabrics, color is very important. If the colors aren’t appropriate, a sketch may not look appealing. However, a sketch with the right combination of colors may still be attractive.
  • The color combinations that are proposed for production are usually materialized on paper at full size and repeated so that they can be evaluated (valued, critique by sales before moving on to the next stage of production. This allows them to get valuable feedback.
  • REACH color cards can be used to match more than 15,000 REACH colors. Auto matching defined color with REACH colors similar to it; Search REACH color color by name.

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