Hange Zoe


Hange zoe was a large, dark-colored bird with wide eyes. They also had long, straight hair. Their left eye suffered severe injuries when Hange was caught up in a Bertolt-Hoover transforming explosion. They wore a small, black patch on their left eye. Their hair was always messy and oily because they were constantly on the go. Hange zoe wore square-shaped, thick-rimmed glasses with bands around their heads to prevent them from falling off during combat. They wore oval-shaped glasses when they were not in combat, but kept the bands on their heads. Hange was known to occasionally raise their glasses onto their foreheads from time to time. This was often done to show anger or seriousness. Hange zoe often wore the standard Survey Corps uniform, with a white button-up shirt underneath. They wore the traditional green Survey Corps Cloak when on business or missions. Hange also wore a bolo tie at all times, just like other military commanders. Hange wore a white button-up shirt and black pants when he was not wearing uniform. Sometimes, he wore a black coat. Hange would wear the Survey Corps jacket if they were in hurry.

Hange zoe was a free-thinking

Energetic researcher who seemed to have a unique way of conducting their work. They were also very objective and observant. Hange says that their hearts were filled with hate when they joined the Survey Corps. They kicked a 3 meter Titan’s head and were stunned at its extraordinary lightness. Hange zoe was able to let go of all the anger and insecurity he held on to and to take a fresh approach to Titan research. Hange showed compassion for Titan test subjects and even cried when Bean was put in extreme pain. He also had a meltdown when the Titans died.

Hange became more serious and serious as the threat from the enemy grew. Hange began to lose their lightheartedness, but remained calm and serious. They still showed great compassion for others, even the suffering and dead. Hange tried to console Mikasa by explaining their pain at the loss of their comrades, hugging her in grief and then he went on to console Mikasa. [14] Hange, a brave soldier confided to Moblit Berner that while they felt terror in Titan things, their curiosity about them and concern for Hange zoe loved ones seemed to be more intense. Hange began to show signs of anger, stress and exhaustion as their Commander positions increased.

Hange Zoe Persona Changes

Hange was a genius who used their brains to invent weapons and tactical plans for humanity. Hange, as a leader, was considerate of his comrades and could quickly solve complex problems to create plans for them to follow. They could also use Hange’s genius in any way they wanted.

Hange zoe’s energetic attitude was only one aspect of their personalities. They also had a darker side to their personas that they normally keep under wraps. Djel Sannes was shown a psychotic side by them, as they gave a demented smile and told him how much pain Hange would cause him for the things he did to Minister Nick, Hange’s friend. Hange zoe laughed and smiled with Sannes while he was being tortured at Levi Ackerman and Hange’s hands. Hange zoe’s strongest emotion was anger. They were frequently seen changing from calm and collected to angry and threatening. This extreme personality change was rarely seen as they quickly calmed themselves and were only observed in urgent situations. Hange zoe often put their glasses on top of the head to show this change, and they return their cheerful nature when they put them down.

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