NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association) is also known as NESTA/Spencer Institute and is an international organization known as “The Association for Entrepreneurial Trainers & Coaches.” NESTA was established in 1992.

NESTA also includes the Spencer Institute, which emphasizes coaching, personal development, and the mental aspects of success. NESTA is a for-profit organization and is a corporate member of both the IDEA Health and Fitness Association and the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association).

Which Certification Should I Get as a Trainer?

In order to become a trainer and succeed as one, you need to have the right game plan in place and follow it up with consistent action — just like your workouts. As you’ll see in this guide, there are five simple steps you’ll need to take to become a personal trainer. And we’ll be covering the best ways to tackle each one.

You know that you’re passionate about fitness, and you want to help people improve their health. A career as a Personal Fitness Trainer Certification perfect for you, but you might be wondering, “Which certification should I get as a trainer?” With so many great certification options to choose from, this is a very common question. We’ll go over all of your certification options here, so that you can make an informed decision.

Tips to start making health and fitness a lifestyle today


This is important when it comes to staying consistent with your workouts. If you are continually doing exercises you don’t enjoy, and they leave you feeling drained physically and emotionally, it’s only going to last so long. You are better off finding exercises that make you feel good, and you can stick to long term, even if it’s not the most intense. Consistent low-intensity exercise will always triumph inconsistent high-intensity exercise.


Remember, results take time. Be easy on yourself. Nothing good comes easy. Learn to fall in love with the process and the person you become throughout the journey.


I’m a firm believer in never giving up the foods you love. Find a way to make your favorite foods healthier. If pizza is your favorite food, don’t give it up. This will leave you feeling deprived. Get creative and use clean ingredients to make your healthy version.


This is your life and your journey. No two people are the same, so you should never compare yourself to others. As long as you wake up every day and try to be better than you were yesterday, you are on the right track.


Step out of your comfort zone. Try a new fitness class with a friend and explore different foods. Grocery shopping based on what’s in season is an easy way to begin experimenting with different foods and exposing yourself to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. If you have never meal prepped before, try it out! Stepping out of your comfort zone and switching things up will keep things interesting and help you stay motivated and inspired to make this way of living a permanent lifestyle.

What does the NESTA personal training program cost?

There are several levels to choose from but most people will choose either the $299 option or the $359 professional option that includes some extra materials on starting your business (most of which you can already have access to on this site for FREE!).