How the “Colossal Titan” & Paradis are Linked?

The lore surrounding the Titans is growing as Attack on Titan continues. In addition to the discovery that Colossal Titan are ex-Eldians, it was revealed that Abnormal Titans live in the walls protecting Paradis. These Titans have a striking resemblance with the Colo ssal. Although they may look very similar, there are important differences between the Wall Titans and the Colo ssal.

What is The Colossal Titan?

Attack on Titan’s first episode introduces the Colo ssal – a Titan shifter taller that Wall Maria – which he breaks with a single kick. This allows Pure Colossal Titan to flood Shiganshina. Although these Titans are taller than the Colo ssal (60 meters in height), they are not nearly as tall. These Titans also have skin, while Colo ssal’s has exposed muscle.

The Colossal Titan is intelligent, and unlike Pure Titans. Although some Abnormal Titans are intelligent and have performed unusual actions, none of them can match the Colo ssal. He’s a shifter primarily controlled Bertholdt, but Armin is now the Colo ssal. As other shifters, Bertholdt or Armin can transform into this Titan upon command if they are injured. This maintains their intelligence in this monstrous form.

All Titans produce excessive heat. When an Eldian transforms into one, it creates a tremendous burst of energy. However, the Colossal Titan’s transformation is more flexible, as the holder can control how much energy is dispersed. Bertholdt’s transformation when attacking walls does less damage than the transformation he used during the Battle for Shiganshina District, Season 3. He uses this ability as an atomic bomb to destroy many buildings and kill almost everyone within the blast radius.

The Colossal Titan also generates more heat than other Titans. However, the Shifter is able to control how much steam he produces to keep his enemies away. It can burn a person to death. This is what Armin experienced in Season 3 Episode 17 “Hero”. He barely survived and his only reason for healing was that the Scouts had chosen him to eat Bertholdt to become the new Colo ssal.

The Colo ssal Titan is the most dangerous, but this shifter has its downsides. The Curse of Ymir means that any shifter who inherits their Titan will die 13 years later, unlike Pure Titans who seem to live forever unless they either inherit a shifter, or have their neck cut. The Colo ssal also sacrifices speed in exchange for size and strength.

Season 2 Episode 1 “Beast Titan” The Survey Corps discovers a Titan within the walls. The Titan has a similar appearance as the Colo ssal – it is exposed muscle rather than skin. However, this Titan is shorter than the Colossal Titan. It does not reach the top of the wall.

The identity of this Wall Titan is still a mystery, until Season 3, Episode 20, “That Day,” when audiences discover that King Fritz used millions upon millions of Abnormal Titans in order to build the walls. Season 4, Episode 5 “Declaration of War” provides more information on King Fritz’s plan. Although he did make the walls from millions of Wall Titans it is not true that he intended to release them.

These Titans are also Abnormal Titans but have not shown any intelligence or movement. They may be dormant as they were placed in the wall by Founding Titan. This is the key difference between the Wall Titans, and the Colossal Titan. The latter can think for himself and do what he wants.

While the Wall Titans are unable to switch between their human and Titan forms, the Colossal Titan is able to do so. It’s not clear if these Wall Titans can transform, although it is safe to assume so. Otherwise, Paradis’ ecosystem might have been destroyed when King Fritz first created them.

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