Dr. Squatch Review: Smells great, but does it last?

Dr. Squatch Review Highlights

Dr. Squatch Scent – This is the most important selling point. It is pleasant and not overwhelming for the nose or others around you. Exfoliation – This soap has a deep exfoliation texture. This soap will remove all the dead skin cells from your body and give you smooth results.

  • The lather is good for natural soaps. This gives you great visual feedback.
  • The soap is very affordable. It should last about 10 showers before it needs to be replenished.

It is not difficult to see the rise in demand for natural grooming products for men in recent years. There are many products for men, from beard oil and bar soap to suit every need.

This natural revolution is how Dr. Squatch and other brands have made it into modern men’s grooming regimens.

But does that mean natural is always better?

This guide will put Dr. Squatch to test. This guide will give you a comprehensive (and unfiltered!) look at Dr. Squatch.

Let’s get started:

  • About Dr. Squatch
  • Jack Haldrup founded Dr. Squatch in 2013.

Throomers interviewed Mr. Haldrup about his plans to make a bar of soap, a soap that he “wanted to own.”

Now, we see a company that thrives by advertising in the same vein like Dollar Shave Club. It also has a healthy business model that is almost bootstrapped and was built for success via their “soapscription”.

Why You Should Trust Our Review?

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Unboxing Dr. Squatch

We decided to review Dr. Squatch from their website. If you do decide to order it through another online retailer (e.g. The packaging might be slightly different if you order it through Amazon.

This soap bar is $7 and is not high-end. The packaging is very plain.

Dr. Squatch will make you realize how different this soap is from the standard soap bar (i.e. Old Spice, Dove Men, etc.) You may currently be using.

Natural soaps are made without chemical-based chemicals.

Dr. Squatch will make your experience unique. I’ll break it down into several subsections to help you understand what you can expect.

Soap Texture

  • This soap is not going to feel like regular soap.
  • This exfoliating bar contains a lot of grit (sand), as you can see in the photos.
  • The soap’s grippy texture gives you the feeling that it’s cleaning your skin of dirt and grime.

Given the aggressive nature of this grit, some men might be reluctant to use it on sensitive areas such as the groin.

After using the soap for a while, however, you will become accustomed to the grit in the bar.


Many men enjoy a sudsy lather after showering. This is a visual indicator that soap is working properly.

Dr. Squatch provides adequate lather.

Although it’s not as bubbley as a standard soap bar or body wash, this is what I saw when washing my hands.

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