Wing Snob and cornbread bring Detroit chicken to Dallas

Dallas-Fort Worth has a new wing concept: Wing Snob is a small restaurant chain that’s based in Detroit. It just opened in Allen at 975 TX-121. They offer wings, sliders and even a “cauli-wing” veggie wing made from cauliflower.

They work long hours daily, from 11 AM to midnight — a blessing for suburbs, where most things lock up at 9 PM.

Wing Snob

Wing Snob was established in Detroit in 2017. It currently operates seven locations. The company has a goal of expanding across the U.S. by making franchise fees affordable to average entrepreneurs.

Jack Mashini, co-founder of the company, says that you don’t have to be multimillionaire in order to open one or more restaurants.

You can get chicken wings with any of the “signature sauces”, such as mango habanero and lemon pepper. You can choose from traditional wings or boneless, or order 50/50 and get half each.

This company is different from other wings chains because it offers vegetarian “cauliflower wings”. These are cauliflower florets that have been breaded and deep fried. They can also be ordered with sauces just like regular wings.

Mashini also offers four types of cheesecake and a sweet and moist cornbread.

The company introduced chicken sliders with chicken tenders and lightly battered chicken on a garlic butter brioche bun with sauces and pickles after the Popeye’s sandwich success.

Sides include coleslaw and vegetables, but there are five types of fries: garlic-parmesan and chili-cheese.

There are four types of cheesecakes: Superman, Strawberry Crunch, Superman and plain.

This is a great model for COVID-19, as it only has two tables in a small space. There are loads of options for family-packs to-go and takeout.

Wing Snob, a rapidly-growing chicken wing franchise, is based in Michigan. The franchise expanded its operations to the East Coast and Mid-West, but they faced brand inconsistencies as well as long production times.


Wing Snob wanted to partner with a company that understood brand awareness and consistency as more locations were opened. To create a seamless experience for everyone, regardless of where they are located, Wing Snob was looking to streamline the marketing products process for franchisees.


Brandit Agency created a multi-location online ordering portal that offered top-quality, custom-branded products to all franchisees. Bandit oversees all aspects of the process, from design through product sourcing, quality assurance, fulfillment, and shipping.

Wing Snob is focused on creating great products and a smooth process for franchisees. Wing Snob also focuses on expanding its reach across the country. That’s what we call partnership!

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