The 3 Types of Metabolic Body

How do I know my Metabolism Type?

It is fascinating to learn about different types of metabolism. We have listed the features of each to help you determine which category you might be in.

Continue reading to learn more about each type of metabolic body, as well as fitness and diet tips that will help you tailor your energy and lifestyle to suit your particular type.

The Ectomorph Metabolic Type of Body

Ectomorphs are small in stature and have a fast metabolism. This means they can often overeat while not gaining weight.

  • Ectomorph Characteristics
  • Lean, thin body
  • Flat chest
  • Small shoulders
  • Not for the muscular
  • Rapid metabolism
  • Hyperactivity can lead to hyperactivity.
  • It is hard to lose weight
  • Nutrition Advice for the Ectomorph Body Type

Breakfast should always be a regular part of your daily diet. One of my favourite, healthy and easy breakfast recipes is here.

  • Your body will use all three macronutrients equally. Also known as Triple Macro Burner.
  • Consume more whole grains and complex carbs, especially after a workout.
  • You should eat 6 smaller meals per day, rather than 3 large ones.
  • Add protein to your diet with protein shakes such as this Peanut Butter Cup Protein Smoothie

Before or after you exercise

Fitness Tips for the Ectomorph Body Type

Do strength training if you haven’t already? Include it into your weekly routine. Prioritize strength training over cardio. Focus on strength exercises three days a week that target all major muscle groups.

  • To see changes, try some compound moves and move towards heavier weights.
  • These are some amazing strength exercises for Ectomorphs.
  • The Beginner Strength Training Guide For Women
  • 20-Minute Back to Basics Strength Workout

11 Moves for Strength Training Women over 50

Because it is difficult to build muscle, ectomorphs often don’t give strength training a chance. You may notice muscles begin to emerge if you are consistent and increase your weight.

  • The Mesomorph Metabolic Type of Body
  • Mesomorph Characteristics
  • Athletic
  • Medium-sized body structure
  • Strong
  • Broad shoulders
  • Easy muscle gain
  • Exercises well
  • Extra body fat is more common in those with a lower body.
  • Nutrition Advice for the Mesomorph Body Type

You should focus on consuming complex carbs, protein, and fats. Make sure you eat a lot of vegetables and high in fiber. These delicious low-carb zucchini recipes are worth a try.

Sugar is a natural food preference. Avoid sugar and white flour. Your carbohydrate and protein intake might be higher for Dual Macro Burners (DMB metabolic types).

Every meal should contain a healthy amount of protein. Try to eat lower-fat meals.

Reduce your intake of processed foods if weight loss is your goal. Many mesomorphs experience rapid weight loss when they switch to a high-protein, healthy-carb diet.

Fitness Tips for the Mesomorph Body Type

Exercise is a quick response for mesomorphs. Your body will reap the benefits of any activity. For best results, combine strength training and cardio weekly.

Your fitness routine will be elevated by incorporating plyometric exercise. These power moves are worth a try:

  • split jumps
  • Squat jacks
  • Burpees

The Endomorph Metabolic Type of Body

This metabolic group generally has thicker arms, legs and a rounder body.

Endomorphs can struggle to lose weight but it is possible! Endomorphs tend to have stronger legs and smaller upper bodies.

  • Endomorph Characteristics
  • Round body
  • Large to medium-sized joints + bones
  • Gain muscle
  • Easy ways to lose weight and gain fat
  • Strong leg muscles
  • It can be difficult to lose weight
  • Fatigues are easy
  • Slow metabolism