Challenge Belly Fat Blast

How to Lose Belly Fat in a Month

Let’s be clear: There are no quick ways to lose belly fat. As with any other “problem area”, the only way to get rid of bellyfat is to lose fat throughout your body.

It is impossible to lose fat in just one area of your body. Combining a consistent, healthy workout with healthy eating will help you lose stubborn belly fat. Why would you want to lose belly fat?

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Strength Training

To lose more fat, you need to build muscle. It’s that simple. My friends, it’s science! A stronger body means a smaller body.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Abs exercises by themselves will not reduce belly fat. This myth of spot-reducing fat is false. As we have said, it is impossible to reduce belly fat in a specific area.

Instead, you should be focusing on your total body fitness and fat loss. To help remove the fat layer that is obscuring your healthy, strong abs. Cardio should be done at least three to four days per week.

The Belly Fat Blast Challenge is for you if…

You may think you have a lot of healthy habits but your belly fat doesn’t disappear. Although you have tried many things to lose weight, such as a diet, exercise, and cutting down on calories, there has been no significant change in your belly fat. Hey, we get it! It can be frustrating to not get immediate gratification. But, trust us! It takes time and consistency to lose weight. That’s why this challenge was created for you!

This challenge will help you get tighter abs and improve your self-confidence.

You’re familiar with the feeling. All of a sudden you feel snugger than ever. Your midsection suddenly seems to have expanded, seemingly without your conscious awareness.

You’re looking for belly fat exercises that are fun, effective, and don’t involve crunches.

New healthy habits are what you want. It takes 28 days for a habit to become a permanent one. This challenge can be a great way to motivate yourself.

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If you lose belly fat, your health will improve

The most important thing you need to know about fat around your midsection is that it is one of the most dangerous. Many of us are focused on how we look in our bikinis or in wedding photos. But, it is important to remember that too much body fat is actually unhealthy.

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Sleep apnea
  • Robert Eckel M.D. President of the American Heart Association adds two additional items to this list.
  • High blood pressure


The 28-Day Belly Fat Challenge

We’ve created a 28-Day FREE Belly Fat Blast Challenge to get the party started. There are no crunches.

You might be asking yourself why crunches? We don’t hate crunches, but there are other exercises that can be done that will tone your belly.

Five beginner belly fat exercises

These are the ab exercises that you will be mastering during this Challenge.

Forearm Plank Hold

Planks can be a multi-tasking exercise that is hard to deny. You will be able to work your back muscles, abs, chest, glutes and legs simultaneously. This exercise can be learned by kneeling on your forearms until you are strong enough to hold onto your toes.

Alternating Oblique Burners

Standing ab exercises are a silent killer. Although it feels easy, oblique burners can cause soreness the next day. It worked, so it’s good! You can modify this exercise by not reaching as far toward your calf. Or, you could stand against a wall to ensure your back is straight.

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Reverse Curls

The abdominal exercise of reverse curls flattens your stomach and strengthens your core. Modify this move by putting your hands under your glutes, and bending your knees.

Double Leg Drops

Double leg drops are a great move to flatten your belly. However, it can be challenging for beginners. Try lowering one of your legs at a time if you are having trouble keeping your back flat on the ground while your legs drop. After you have gained strength, move to the second leg drop.

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Russian twists – Alternatives

The Russian twist is a core exercise that strengthens your abdominals. It also helps to tone your waistline and gives you a stronger back. During this move, it is important to bring your lower abdominals in. As if you were pulling on tight pants, imagine that you are doing the same thing. You can modify this move by putting your feet on the ground and using a lighter weight.