7 Hip-Opening Stretches You Will Love That Make You Say “Ahhhhhhh!”

A hip-opening stretch is the best thing. Many of us suffer from tight hips as a result of sitting too much at work or working hard in spin class. Hip pain can be a frustrating and common complaint. These seven movements can help you get your hips in alignment and improve mobility. And each one is SO GOOD!

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Truth is, your entire body is interconnected. To alleviate hip pain, you will need to strengthen the hip flexors as well as the surrounding muscles.

What are the benefits of hip-opening stretch?

The hip stretches will bring you many benefits.

One is increased range of motion and circulation. If your hips feel tight it can lead to overuse of your spine and pain in the lower back. You can support the spine and back muscles by stretching your hips.

Many of these hip-opening yoga poses are also good for the body. These stretches can help you feel relaxed and calm.

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You can release your energy and shift your hips by taking the time to open them. Traditional yoga refers to the hips as a place for stress, negativity and pent-up emotions. The hip stretches can be used to release any negativity from the body.

  • As you do these stretches, be sure to sink into the sensation.
  • Best Hip-Opening Stretches
  • These stretches strengthen and stretch your hips and glutes.

These seven moves can be used for everything from yoga poses to resistance band moves. They will help loosen tight hips, and allow you to get back to your workouts and other daily activities. These exercises can be done 2-3 times per week, or as often as necessary to loosen tight hips.

  1. Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is an excellent exercise to open your hips.

Place your back on the ground, your knees bent, and your arms at your sides.

Slowly lift your glutes off of the ground until your body is straighten from your knees to you shoulders.

For 8-10 seconds, hold the pose and then lower slowly to your starting position.

  1. Leg Lifts

This exercise will help to strengthen your hips and glutes.

Start on your fours, with your right leg extended on the mat.

To lift your right leg towards the ceiling, squeeze right glutes and hamstrings. Slowly lower your weight and continue until you reach the desired reps.

  1. Pigeon Pose

Start in a plank position. Pull your right knee towards your right hand. Place your right foot as close as possible to your left hand.

Your back leg should be straight and your hips elevated. You can also relax your hips by lowering your hips.

Slowly lower your chest towards your front shin. Relax your forehead on the mat, and extend your arms overhead.

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  1. Happy Baby Pose

Start by lying down on your back. Next, grab your big toes using your index and middle finger.

Toes should be gently drawn down so that knees are pulled toward the shoulders. Keep your elbows gently pressing down on the knees.

Take a deep breath and relax; hold it for 30 seconds.

  1. Resistance Band Outer Thigh Press

Place your legs straight up above your hips and lay on your back.

The band should be placed around your bottom and the handles should be held together at your chest.

Keep your feet open so that the ankles are straight and the band is tight. Slowly release.

  1. Butterfly Stretch
  2. Place your feet on the floor and sit down. Keep your spine straight and your abs tight.
  3. Hold onto each foot and press your elbows against your inner thighs.
  4. Keep your spine straight and inhale to prepare. Slowly lower your torso forward as you exhale. Pause when you feel the stretch. For at least 30 seconds, hold the position.

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  1. Yogi Squat

1) Start on your feet and kneel down, tailbone between your ankles. 2) Pray at your chest with your hands.

2) Press your hands together, while pressing elbows against the inner thighs.

  1. Hold for 30 seconds to one minute.